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    The time has come for each one to ‘hold up their side of the sky’. Enough with the excuse-making, enough with procrastination, enough, enough, enough!!! It is time for each and every son and daughter of Afrika - and friend of Afrika - to push past their limitations and be their best selves. Afrika is waiting for her sons and daughters to be established so that they can tell her true story through their lives. To eliminate the lie of the backward, lowly, weak and futile Afrika and to replace that with the truth… the truth that Afrika and Afrikans are amazing! The time for the peace and restoration of Afrika has come!

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    The least become the greatest not by their own might or majesty - but through a Divine act of God via the Holy Spirit. It was never a requirement for greatness to be attained by the force of man's will and that's what Afrika must begin to understand and remember. And that's not all we must reconnect to... Love is the greatest of all and by our love for ourselves and each other only then will we prevail.

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    2021 is not like any other year you have ever lived out. Coming on the back of 2020 with all its drama, it is not a continuation of 2020, but rather the beginning of something incredibly new - never seen before. No wonder God paired it with Ghana, The Land of the Warrior Kings. A people who chose their own identity having come out of the crisis of colonialism, and by so-doing, chose their own destiny. That is Afrika's opportunity now.

  • Msingi Afrika Magazine was created to share the real story of Afrika with Afrikans and those who desire that Afrika thrive and succeed. Msingi is the Swahili word for Foundation and Afrika’s sure and true Foundation is Christ Jesus, but Afrika has disconnected from her true origins in God. We aim to fix that by diffusing true knowledge which will bring healing, restoration and rebirth of Afrika and Afrikans.